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Materials: warp in pure natural silk, pile in kork wool and best quality natural silk; natural dyes

Size: cm. 168 x 115

Knot density: approx 1.200.000 knots per sq.mt

Signed by Mansouri







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Spectacular carpet of Isfahan made by the prestigious school of Mansouri; extraordinary rich and detailed design made possible by a very dense knotting and a quite rich palette of colors.

Classic decoration with a central medallion flanked by two smaller medallions each one containing a unique design that develops in one direction. In particular, in the central area we find a sumptuous asymmetrical tree of life, an original version inspired by the zeilli sultan, an authentic celebration of nature and life rendered here through a multitude of beautiful flowers, leaves and animals depicted with naturalistic precision and with such a richness of details to make them easily recognizable.

In the first of the smaller medallions there is a river that spreads out placidly in a small lake with a pair of swans and with the background of the mountains – the mountain is sometimes a representation of the axis mundi; in the second, a tumultuous stream laps a building with a shape that traditionally represents the projection of the universe. The symbolic reading of the drawing is further confirmed by the conspicuous presence of the cypress, considered since ancient times a sacred tree.

Considering the four precious corners, each characterized by a unique decoration, and the refined main frame inserted between small borders that delimit, almost without interruption, all the fields of the carpet, it is undeniable the absolute symbolic, celebratory and auspicious value of this precious masterpiece.

Signed in a cartouche knotted into the frame of the lower side


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