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10329 QUM


Materials: warp and pile in best quality pure silk; natural dye

Size: cm 102 x 155

Knot density: approx 1.200.000 knots per sqm






Masterpiece from the Persian town of Qum, produced by the famous Saeedi Atelier, known thanks to his experience and able to make wonderful carpets like this that is all is natural and first quality silk; unique is his softness and brightness. It is also very fine because its knotting is about 1.200.000 knots / Square meter.
It has been invented by the founder and it is inspired to the Iranian tradition: birds are very important and symbolise freedom and love; among them very important is the peacock that, thanks to the design of its plumage, reminds the eyes and the sun cult protecting from curse; they are also considered messagers and have a prominent place in Eastern iconography. We can find them in many paintings such as in the Chehel Soutun pavilion in Isfahan where they frame different scenes of Persian history. In this carpet they have been placed very well among the nature that remembers the Eden and colleague terrestrial and divine.
Inside it each image required a hard work and colours are riches of different nuances so that everything seems to be real. Silks have been coloured with plants so they will become more and more beautiful in the future. The central design is taken before the fringes -also worked carefully-.
Rare is the green colour of its background; it changes belong to the light it received. Each detail has been made with great passion. It is among the most beautiful Persian rugs and we can see its unicity from different aspects: from its structure to final designs, from its material to the knotting, from its colours to the details, from the original idea to the final carpet. From it leak art, passion, tradition, beauty, value and experience. Its refinement leaves the observer in a contemplative state.
We remember the size that is Mt 1.02 x 1.55: it is possible to place it in different rooms where it will surely become the protagonist. It will preserve its elegance and rarity in the future so it is a perfect object to invest in; in the meantime, it can furnish as few other works could do!

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